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Schedule and Fees


Pilates Personal Training by Appointment.
Prices are based on a one hour session. Longer sessions available upon request.
E-mail us for directions to the studio from your location.

One Private $75 per hour

Five privates $325

Ten Privates $600
Drop-in Semi Private, Duets and Trios $45 each per hour

Ten Duets $400 each

Ten Trios $350 each

Ten Quartets $300 each, based on your needs and times...

Private sessions in your home available upon request.
Fee varies upon location and number of clients- $100.00-$150.00


CLASSIC PILATES MAT CLASSES1 hour, $100/10x card or $12 drop-in
  Limit 10 people
*Mat class is designed to learn a vocabulary of movements that can be done anywhere, without being "married" to a piece of equipment. Based on the classic mat work developed by Joseph Pilates.

Tuesday  8:15 AM
Friday 8:15

CIRCUIT TRAINING - 1 hour, $15.00/class 10x card or $17/drop-in

  Limit 10 people
*Circuit training is a combination of a mat warm-up and a full body work out on several different pieces of  Pilates based apparatus and TRX Training equipment. Circuit changes every 8 weeks.

Monday  8:15 AM

BARRE PILATES CORE- 1 hour, $15.00/class 10x card or $17/drop-in
  Limit 10 People
*This fun class uses free weights for upper body strengthening, the ballet barre for balance control/leg strengthening and the "Bender Ball" combined with Pilates, for solid core work. Every muscle in your body will wake up during this class!

Saturday 9:15 AM

BALL CLASS 1 hour, $15.00/class 10x card or $17/drop-in
  Limit 10 People

*This highly energetic class, on a large Fit Ball, will include a warm-up, cardio workout, core strength training, free weights and or therabands, culminating in a cool down and stretch.  BYOB, bring your own ball, there are a few extra at the studio of various sizes, if you need to use one, please contact us in advance to reserve your size.

Thursday 8:15 AM

*Based on the classic reformer repertoire with some contemporary exercises added in to challenge both the beginning client and those with experience. This class places a great deal of emphasis on alignment, technique, control, precision, breath and flow. Modifications can be made for every body!  
10X card $250.00 Drop-in $30.00
4 people per class Limit, must sign up in advance. Email or call for availability.

Monday 10:45 AM
Tuesday 12:00 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM & 5:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM

Call to reserve your space. 808-895-8002. Minimum of 3 people required for all classes.

First time attendees, please arrive 15 minutes early for a brief introduction to the basic fundamentals being used throughout all classes. Please call to make early appointment.

                              *Please bring a towel or your own yoga mat and socks.
                    *Please do not wear any fragrances, perfume or lotions with an oil base.

Studio hours Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM.
  Saturday available for private appointments.
*Special group classes available upon request.

Reiki Sessions
One Hour- $75.00 by appointment only.
For more information please see Reiki home page.

Pilates of Hawaii 808-895-8002 














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